At Jindivick, we play games at playtime such as:  kick ball, revenge war ball, rounders, flags and lots,  lots more. The little kids play in the playground and sandpit with the sand toys. Lots of the time all the kids play whole school games with our Principal who makes up fun games.

Under Cover we play:  wall wall, 2, 4 and 6 square and hop scotch. We have just had new artificial grass put under cover in August 2009, so we like to play on that.


We compete in team sports and individual sports days with all our local small schools. Everybody competes in team and individual sports, but only the people who are very good in individual sports get into Zone sports.

 We have Bike Ed, Swimming and Jump Rope for Heart in 3rd and 4th term. In the Bike Ed team, there has to be 4 boys and 4 girls. We compete at the Baw Baw pavillionat at Lardner  Park.  We haven’t won yet but we are getting better and we might one of these days. We have swimming lessons in Warragul, at the Y.M.C.A.  Leisure Centre 3 days of the week for 2 weeks. We try really hard and do as our instructors say. Our teachers are really proud of how well we do.

At lunch times and play times we sometimes play whole school games on the oval out the back with our principal. He makes up games like teacher spy and gotcha and we play them. All children from grade 6 to preps join in and we have so much fun.

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